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Seraph Dental Management

Seraph Dental Management (Previously "Seraph Management International, LLC) is a Medical/Dental Practice Management Company that provides critical leadership, billing solutions, hands on training, human resources, strengthening organic profit centers that may or may not be capitalized upon and much more to emerging/existing dental practices. This enables providers to focus on what matters most, patient satisfaction. With our effective interpersonal skills and strategic alliances with other practices, SDM is able to not only increase the overall revenue for the practice but also achieve a working environment that is second to none.
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With the introduction of the corona virus upon the world, we must look to fully integrate tech into practice to further protect staff and patients. Working “Remote” has never been apart of a dental practice’s philosophy but now more than ever we can embrace these methods. This not only minimizes unnecessary exposure but also allows staff to be more productive while working from home while only going into the office for essential work.

Seraph Dental Management can show you how to fully digitize this workflow process by implementing new tech such as web-based online forms that fully integrate into your practice management software and much more. The strategy is simple, create a workflow followed by the integration of 3rd party software platforms ending in training of essential staff to maintain a safe and sustainable practice.

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A comprehensive IT support backbone composed of patient application systems, database management applications, and internet communication access will support all clinical operations. This integrated operating and administrative architecture will vastly improve procedure efficiencies and allow affiliates and/or branded dental practitioners to create extraordinary service, cost and performance advantages.

This will result in substantially lower costs with correspondingly higher net profits from a business sector that already contains very high inherent gross margin opportunities.This business model solves every identified endemic problem associated with the present system of dental care delivery. It effectively coordinates resources, reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and dramatically enhances the quality of the patient experience. For patients this will mean exceptional service that exceeds all expectations for clinical care, personal safety and comfort, and dental care availability. For our doctors it means the opportunity to practice the most advanced dentistry possible in a truly high integrity environment. For our investors this will mean increased enterprise value, sustainable profits, and equity growth!

Here is an example of what we can provide by capitalizing on our in-house IT systems.

Total Practice Management Software by creating our own practice management software suite, supported by a database driven content management system, we will have a fully web enabled practice management solution that can easily be packaged and commercialized. CMS is strongly placed to become a lead technology platform as it encompasses both Internet and local data warehousing and presentation.

As the model for information access evolves from individual client based process to cloud enabled distributed architecture we will be in line with the functional needs of every dental provider operation. By adding a secure Internet channel to our data center we will be able to provide a “cloud” based practice management suite allowing our own clinicians a 24/7 access to the same information as they could access at the office. This advantage will add to the collaboration and constant contact with providers and patients alike. Anywhere, anytime access to the office from any Internet ready device.

Matthew Hernandez CEO\President

Matthew Hernandez


Matthew has skillfully opened/developed 35 dental practices in both Texas and Washington state, 5 dental laboratories and was Chief Business Development Officer for Paramount Med spas in Houston, Texas and has successfully lead Seraph Management into managing over $40 Million worth of assets and personnel since 2009.

He is trained in all aspects of the dental industry including highly complex multi-group practice management and comprehensive dental treatment planning. Matthew was trained by over 80 years of family knowledge in the art of multi-disciplinary comprehensive patient care and practice management in a variety of demographics. Being surrounded by a family deeply rooted in all aspects of the dental industry and a 3rd generation dental provider, Matthew has a firm belief for patient care and service to others.

With the advent of high-tech dental practice equipment such as laser dentistry, digital radiography, Cerec “Prime Scan” digital impressions/milling, three dimensional imaging, electronic cavities detection devices, and Computer-Controlled local anesthetic delivery systems allow accurate and virtually pain-free dentistry solutions. Our clinical providers will have every tool necessary to practice dentistry at truly the highest level of dental standards.

Clinically speaking, providers will be able to implement advanced medical and dental procedures to their patients in an environment that is not only efficient but also sustainable for decades till retirement. This gives each patient the best care that can be possibly offered providing an experience that makes entire families feel truly cared for. The patient will be treated in a low stress environment that is totally conducive to precise diagnosis and caring treatment in surroundings that inspire confidence.