"The gift of serenity can only be given if serenity itself is present within the confines of an establishment" Matthew Hernandez."

Seraph Management has developed a unique paradigm with its “wellness” concept which will be dedicated to providing the aesthetics industry with an alternative to medical/dental cosmetic procedures.

Through a centralized business system and professional business support, Seraph can operate our executive quality resort type facilities effectively and efficiently so providers and ancillary staff can focus on providing the ultimate in patient care possible. The result is the true measure of patient satisfaction. Marquis Wellness Spa PC Trademark will be formed under the election of a resident doctor and the Management Company will manage the Wellness Spas and offer services to enhance treatment while offer 5 star quality.

Marquis Wellness Spas PC will revolutionizes the industry by offering elite services that are only offered to “Members Only” thus allowing the staffed professionals to cater to the needs of their clients.

Seraph Management’s construction strategy will be to build geographically dense networks of medical/dental provider’s through the opening of the wellness spas. Only selected cities/states will have a “Hub Spa” to promote itself as the icon of the company.

Hub Spas will include (but be limited to) Cosmetic Facial Procedures, Cosmetic Dentistry, Signature Surgical/non-surgical treatments, Signature Line of Wellness Cosmetics offered by our trained medical aesthetician’s, massage therapists, dietitian and our very own Signature Advisor to aid in the progression to total body wellness.

Marquis Wellness Spas PC’s will offer Dental and Medical Professionals these elite advancements in patient service through the use of state-of-the-art technology, advance digital equipment, and a central warehouse in each state to store/deliver Marquis Wellness Spas PC’s signature equipment and supplies.

Through our advanced methods of patient/client processing, Marquis Wellness Spas PC’s will be able to track each persons needed or desired treatment to ensure that all areas of total body wellness are considered.