Peerless Dental Group

Welcome To Peerless Dental Group

The delivery of dental care services in the United States is based upon an operating model that is centuries old. It is the same model that was discarded by the medical profession decades ago. Times have changed, technology has changed, standards of practice have changed, and patient needs have changed. However, when you visit the typical dental office it’s like taking a trip back through time.

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the way of thinking about something that already exists. It is about creating a transformation by applying a completely new perspective to a problem, or even to a common way of doing something. It usually does not just happen, agents of change drive it. Today, change is coming to dentistry, and that change is going to be Peerless.

Peerless Dental is transforming this model and is bringing the delivery of dental care solidly into the twenty-first century. For Patients this means a quantum leap in comprehensive dental care, incomparable service, and personalized convenience. For Investors it means superlative earnings, rapid equity growth, and dramatic ROI multiples at exit.

The Peerless Dental Group is creating a national dental service enterprise that generates sustainable EBITDA of 45%, IRR of 70% and will have an enterprise equity value at exit exceeding $2 billion based upon a 6.5 multiple of consolidated EBITDA. Prior to exit It will already have Repaid All Invested Capital within 5 years plus provided 15% annual interest for use of funds while doing this. ROI therefore is off the chart.

The National Enterprise – A Value Multiplier

The core Seattle business complex delivers superlative profits, equity value and ROI. National expansion, however, will catapult this performance into a world-class profitability and equity value engine. This business goes beyond the normal definition of “scalable”. It is synergistic! It is viral!The business model allows both company owned and franchised expansion opportunities. It provides a platform for comprehensive and selective industry consolidation.It builds an integrated base for financial services in insurance and consumer financing.It allows the creation of a self-funded bank of real estate assets. It provides a base and a market for dental information technology applications.