NEW PAM Dental Web Based APP

Welcome to P.A.M. DENTAL (Patient Access Manager)

PAM is a complete on-line solution for your patients and your office. We know what you need, we understand the problems of your office, and PAM Dental is the fix. PAM works in-conjunction to your existing website or Seraph can Custom make one for you that will be EMPOWERED by PAM Dental.

To See what PAM can do

Save Time

PAM works 24 hours a day 7 days a week performing office tasks unmatched by any employee. The time you get back by employing PAM will let you spend more time with your patients and your family.

Save Money

PAM is your full time employee who doesn't require a salary, PAM will never get burned-out and we won't charge you for every new module, every new release, maintenance, or even a setup fee.

Save your Sanity

WE know how much time you spend running every aspect of your practice. Is that really why you got into dentistry? To be a scheduler? An office Manager? or an Insurance Agent? We think not, maybe it was because you wanted to help your patients look and feel better. PAM can help!

Unlike other “Web-Based” or “PC-based” dental software systems that try to integrate everything a practice may need to proficiently manage daily operations, PAM is 100% patient-centric.

What does this mean: Empowered Patients– Instead of treatment planning via the constraints of other “Dental Management” software, you can now enter all the treatment a patient needs and select the quadrants or isolated teeth to be treated so patients can make educated decisions based on multiple-treatment options.

  • Less Time “Selling” dentistry – With visual aids and built-in descriptions that walk patients step-by-step over why a certain “dental material” is good, bad or even differences in cost factors. 
  • Patients have full control over education about a procedure you diagnosed without you or your staff ever having to stress “urgency” about getting treatment done.    
  • Virtual Scheduling – After a patient has been scheduled in your management system they typically get that little card that usually tends to get lost resulting in unnecessary “recall” cards being sent out just to remind patients to come in. Now patient’s can completely control the schedule or see when they can get in for that implant and all in the convenience of their own 

With PAM your Dentist's office never closes.

  • Book an appointment on-line
  • Track your visits
  • Pay your bill
  • Get procedure details
  • Get treatment options
  • Research procedures and treatment options before you make a decision
  • Fill out needed paperwork from the comfort of your own home

“PAM connects you and your patients to the office like never before”