GeoVec Tech

GeoVec Technologies mission is to allow Seraph Managements clients to take advantage of superior technology at a fraction of the cost of “traditional” IT solutions. We want you to concentrate on your business, not the headaches of IT.

By utilizing new technology such as Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Paperless Solutions, GeoVec will dramatically cut your costs while offering superior performance, availability and growth potentials. Lowering your costs, lowering your IT anxiety, and boosting your marketability will allow you to do what you do best and that is treating patients.

It’s our mission to make your business better by using technology that works for you the provider on an individual case-by-case basis.

Why SMI Works Exclusively with GeoVec?

Traditionally, an IT company would charge you for new equipment, installations and configurations, then charge you monthly fees for monitoring and maintaining your equipment. Even a small “sole-proprietor” company could be charged $50,000 for initial setup and $20,000 a year for monitoring and maintenance.

“Maybe that’s why you’ve decided to not use technology to your advantage”

Get the advantage of  99.9% availability of your e-mail, websites, file sharing and many other business needs. Technology is supposed to help you succeed, not hurt your bottom line.  
Small Business Solutions –
  • PC/Laptop repair and upgrade
  • Backup and recovery
  • Anti-Virus, Mal ware and spam removal and maintenance
  • Server/Network Monitoring and General Maintenance
  • Web Site Building, SEO, Electronic Billing and more
  • Startup Network/Server installations, Web presence, Business application installations
Mid – Size Business Solutions
  • PC roll-outs, upgrades and maintenance
  • Data Center monitoring, maintenance and Security
  • Workflow solutions to increase productivity
  • Enterprise Printing and Imaging solutions
  • Help Desk and Desktop Solutions

Welcome to the world of! Tekaroo is SMI’s Application Development enterprise that in collaboration with IT specialists around the world, develops programs that follow the core of Seraph Managements ethos: Empower patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions. With current projects like PAM and SEPP – Patient Financing programs, there’s no telling how the face of dentistry will look.

For more insight to our current projects you can follow the links below:

1.) SEPP (Seraph Extended Payment Program) - Patient Care Financing
SEPP Patient care financing allows practices to extend credit to their patients while having a professional management team maintain the accounts thus removing the burden of needing an accounting department. Our programs require a small down payment, no credit checks and only require a valid proof of income/gross monthly income to be eligible for credit up to $50,000. Monthly payments can be amortized out to 72 months on approved programs making dental care affordable.

cash-healthcare (1)
2.) Treatments
Treatments is a Web-Based Application that combines the power of SEPP (Seraph Extended Payment Program) with the ability to generate, present and email multiple dental treatment plans to patients on a tablet/smart phone or pc. Treatment plans are complete with most used ADA codes, descriptions and an added few columns showing patients Pro's and Con's about each procedure for better education. Fees in our system are place holders unless they are current patients of our office in Washington State. Fees, Descriptions, Pro's & Con's are all editable by each dental office to make provided information more specific to each provider. On top of all this we've added an INSURANCE break-down function that factors in Annual Maximum, Deductibles and Preventative,Basic and Major percentages for a complete treatment plan.

3.) Dental Options Manager 2.2

Available on the Google Play Store
Treatments is a Web-Based Application that combines the power of SEPP (Seraph Dental Options Manager will provide dentists a way to show patients detailed treatment options and examples of what these treatments will cost with or without insurance. Each treatment has pro's and con's to help you make better decisions about the treatments that will satisfy your budgetary and cosmetic needs.

For patients, you can plan your treatments before visiting the office and have a more educated solution to your dental needs. Gone are the days of excepting whatever your dental office provides. Use our tool to find what you can afford and what fits your needs best. To make a better overall dental experience for you and your family.