Seraph Dental Team

  • VC & PE Capital Acquisition
  • Specialized Implant Procedural Techniques
  • Dental IT Development
  • Dental Radiology and Radiographic Interpretation
  • Microbiology/Biotechnoloy/Phlebotomy (PRP/PRF)
  • Gerontology
  • Multi-Group Level Practice Management
  • Advanced Removable Prosthodontic Clinical Treatment
  • Dental Practice Transitions, Start-up’s and Acquisitions
  • CAD/CAM Dentistry – Cerec Prime-Scan Milling/Scanning

Matthew Hernandez


Matthew has skillfully opened/developed 35 dental practices in both Texas and Washington state, 5 dental laboratories and was Chief Business Development Officer for Paramount Med spas in Houston, Texas and has successfully lead Seraph Dental Management into managing over $40 Million worth of assets and personnel since 2009.

He is trained in all aspects of the dental industry including highly complex multi-group practice management and comprehensive dental treatment planning. Matthew was trained by over 80 years of family knowledge in the art of multi-disciplinary comprehensive patient care and practice management in a variety of demographics. Being surrounded by a family deeply rooted in all aspects of the dental industry and a 3rd generation dental provider, Matthew has a firm belief for patient care and service to others.

Starting in Texas, Part of his obligations were to contract with top federal law attorneys such as Mr. Rick Moore JD of Norman, Oklahoma to be able to form statutes to include a dental training center for tribal dental practitioners and an oral health awareness group under IHS (Indian Health Services). Matthew was trained by the ITDA’s dental training center doctors as a tribal dental clinician via a 4 year on-site program, George Brown – School of Dental Health in Ontario, CA and advanced removable training as a Denturist at Bates Technical in Tacoma, WA.

In Washington State, at the age of 16 Matthew began orchestrating the consolidation of dental services in a single dental practice. He became the Director of Operations then COO for Casablanca Dental Management which made him responsible for the following:

  • 28 full service dental practice start-ups including construction, staffing and management
  • 2 full service dental laboratory start-ups providing in-house/external lab services
  • Negotiated/Managed a state wide contract with Extendicare & Evergreen Healthcare corporations for providing 35 long-term and assisted living facilities (5800 patients in total) with full service mobile dental care located throughout the state of Washington.

Since before the pandemic, Matthew has been paving the way for remote start-up/management of dental practices utilizing strategic KPI’s unique to each practice/team/doctor while maintaining constant communication leveraging the latest video conferencing platforms. This strategy has proven to take practices with an EBITDA of 5-10% up as much as 51-54% over 2-4 years, especially in the Endodontic/Perio/Prostho sub-specialties of dentistry. The company’s goal has always been to empower the solo provider to do what they love which is dentistry and to minimize the day-to-day stresses of running the “business” of dentistry.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife while being the “best dad in the world” to his 3 daughters. He love nature and is often found exploring new landscapes hiking, hunting, fishing and camping.

Seth Chomout

Chief Technology Officer / Director of Marketing

Seth is an entrepreneur and media expert, serving small businesses and startups by allowing them to focus on what they do best while he takes care of their online presence. In addition to helping make an impact online, Seth is a Management Professor at Angelo State University and founder of a coworking space. With three homeschooled children and a bit of creative problem-solving, Seth is ready to help you grow your practice! 

Candance De La Cruz

Practice Coach / Client Success

Candance is well known for consistently producing breakthrough results and showing dental practices at all levels of success how to get to the next level. She selectively works with only practices she knows she can help and has delivered quantifiable results that have exceeded the expectations of all of her clients. Candance graduated from Apollo College in 2003 as a CDA. She also obtained her EFDA Certificate in the state of Arizona.

Candance continuously trains and develops herself with the latest information available on the topics of the business of dentistry, business management skills, team management, leadership skills. When she is not coaching practices, Candance is working on developing advanced practice processes that are tailored to simplifying daily practice processes while improving the overall patient experience at practices across the country.  

“I take pride in my ability to see what’s missing in all kinds of practices, large and small, and multiple doctor practices. My clients like that I don’t take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to my coaching. I personalize my coaching to what is needed in each unique practice’s situation. I take pride in treating the doctor’s team with a high level of respect and regard and having the ability to train them effectively while winning them over to the vision of the doctor. I have had the immense satisfaction of greatly improving the incomes, stress levels, and staffing issues of my clients.”

Astha Joshi

Practice Coach

Astha Joshi, a committed and hard working practice coach that’s always looking to bring success to every practice! Having years of experience in dentistry from being a front desk, to an assistant to a hygienist and now a coach, she brings her clinical experience into the world of management and coaching. Attending NYU College Of Dentistry and practicing in NYC has given Astha lots of experience and motivation to continue helping practices and bringing new ideas to the table! 

When not trying to make the world a better place, Astha enjoys spending time with her husband and family and teaching dance and being a part time photographer! 


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