About SMI

Our company is based on the belief that every ventures success depends on the veracity and integrity of the company as a whole! Our entire team is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest of industry standards. As a result, a high percentage of our managed clients are generated by referrals.

With front-line experience running companies and managing teams, and with proven processes and tools, the company makes immediate contributions to a practice.

From the day we step foot in your practice, Seraph Management is at your side to lead the way and drive your practice to a brighter future.

Our mission is to help medical/dental teams become more successful in their profession, NOT by traditional consulting, coaching, or even by sensationalist claims of giving you a secret that no one has ever heard of to increase revenues overnight, but by incorporating our company to the very fabric of each dental office’s model. We create a balance of work and play for our portfolio companies to achieve their goals as a team. Through the integration of our strategic programs, SMI will work diligently to relieve a practice of TRADITIONAL OPERATIONS to ensure patients remain top priority.

Understanding how companies plan to persue an agressive growth agenda, in this ever changing economy, requires an optimistic frame of mind and a core of tempered and seasoned leaders to drive success into the company.

Seraph Management is designed to provide accelerated practice management performance by providing limitless onsite training in team building, start-up assistance, marketing, back-office management, new patient increase and many other services. In short, portfolio practices are bringing on executive level business directors and incorporating them into its existing business model to provide an unpresidented amount of growth.